Impact Media Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation service is a true turnkey solution for businesses and entrepreneurs who want more clients. Second-to-none in quality and quantity of leads generated, we build prospects, leads, and clients that have a deep and meaningful connection to your product, service, and brand.

By diving deep into your business, product, and/or service, we fully understand your customer and their needs. We then produce a fully-customized psychographic and demographic profile of your ideal client. After, we create all marketing assets to drive true engagement, product-market fit, tribal identification, and, ultimately, sales.

Impact Media Co. is an expert in…

• Facebook Advertising• Google Advertising• Bing Advertising
• Radio / Podcast Advertising• Television / Online Video Advertising• Print Advertising
• CRM Setup & Mgmt• Automated Conversion Funnels• Automated Nurture Funnels
• Full Tracking Dashboards• Customized Reporting• Integrating Directly with Sales Teams

Impact Media Lead Conversion

By taking a unique angle to how we manage the full sales process, the Impact Media Lead Conversion service is a fully customized, plug-and-play alternative to your traditional sales team, without the management headaches, inexperienced salesforce, or losing your brand’s identity.

We break down your product and service into its core benefits and features. This allows us to discover who your true prospect is, identify their needs, and create in-depth conversion-centric scripting that includes many of the major objections prior to ever picking up a phone.

As an extension of your team, we develop a deep understanding of your company’s vision, mission, and core values to ensure congruency. After managing the entire sales pipeline (prospect-lead-qualified lead-client), we then handoff your new client to your team for on-boarding.

Impact Media Co. is an expert in…

• Phone Sales• Sales Scripts• Sales Pipelines
• Technology Leveraged Sales•  Email Marketing• Customized Reporting
• Full Tracking Dashboards• Automated Conversion Funnels • Automated Nurture Funnels

Impact Media Automation

As leaders in the marketing, sales, and support automation spaces, Impact Media Co. offers a vast array of automation services. From engaging with potential leads to creating authentic customer relationships, automation is more than just getting people to signup for your newsletter.

Remove the guesswork, increase customer lifetime value, increase stick rate, and decrease churn by building true, meaningful connections with your leads, customers, and previous customers.

Impact Media Co. is an expert in…

• Marketing Strategy• Marketing Automation• Email Marketing
• Infusionsoft•  SalesForce• ActiveCampaign
• HubSpot• SendGrid• MailChimp

Impact Media Support & Service

Impact Media Support & Service is a true premium turnkey support solution for your clients. As speed of response, we are the resource for incoming email, phone, chat, and social support for your customers.

As phone support, we are your answering service with fully trackable numbers on recorded lines. We work directly with you to script answers to many of the frequently asked questions to free you up to do what you do best.

As online support, we build out a fully-integrated knowledge base resource for self-service for your current client base. We actively man chat, social, and email support to drive meaningful connections with your clients, ultimately increasing their lifetime value.

Impact Media Co. is an expert in…

• Phone Support• Email Support• Chat / Social Support
• Knowledgebase Creation•  Automated Support• Client Experience Mgmt
• Customized Reporting• Full Tracking Dashboards• Automated Client Retention Funnels


We fully integrate into your existing team to help you fully maximize your company’s potential by generating qualified leads, converting those leads into sales, and onboarding your new clients into your products or service.